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Language Services

The ability of an international company to be successful in a foreign country is primarily depending on its ability to adapt well to the new culture and languageIn order to win the hearts of customers, they have to offer services and products in the language of the place they operate. As part of this localisation effort, organisations provide product descriptions, catalogues, reviews, instruction manuals, software etc. in foreign languages. However, in order to accomplish this, companies would require the service of language specialists who are well versed in the language and culture they are looking for.

A good number of organisations find it cumbersome to appoint in house language team to do this task or to get access to quality translation service. High cost factor associated is another aspect that put global organisations in dilemma. However, these issues can be addressed by outsourcing your language requirements to a professional outsourcing firm.

We help our clients to extend their service to global customers by enabling them to adapt to new cultures, systems and languages. Our integrated approach with priority on localisation has proven invaluable in cross border business communication. Stream Perfect Global Services has a pool of experienced linguists, researchers and proof readers, who can accomplish your work with responsibility at a very short turnaround time. Moreover, our multilevel proof reading and quality assurance checks ensure that all our work is of superior quality.

Additionally Stream Perfect Global Services offers professional translation service in all major foreign and Indian languages. We are one of best language service outsourcing companies in India with 99.95% of all translation projects completed up to customer satisfaction.

Why you should outsource Translation Services

  • Cost effective.
  • Accessibility of large pool of linguists.
  • No need to maintain in house team.
  • Easy outsourcing procedures.
  • Quicker translations.

Why Stream Perfect Global Services

  • Assured cost benefits.
  • Speed and quality assurance.
  • Extensive domain expertise.
  • Reliable long term support.
  • Excellent customer assistance.
  • Handle all aspects of translation service.
  • Various levels of quality monitoring.
  • Rigorous data security practices.
  • Advanced translation software.

Document Extraction Services

Document Extraction Services
  • Document Extraction Services
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Extraction and indexing of vital information from a large pile of data is essential for reporting and analysis in every organization. On a regular basis they need to pull out valuable information from various sources. This may be from accounting ledgers, invoices, databases, purchase documents, engineering documents, performance reviews, market research, competitor information etc.

Summarized data with proper index not only helps to understand a pattern, but also aids strategic managerial decisions. Since document extraction is a non core back office activity, many companies outsource their document extraction service and indexing needs to off shore firms, who can do it with quality.

Outsourcing Document Extraction services

Efficient document extraction requires advanced document imaging tools and well trained professionals. However, many organizations lack this vital resources to carry out these functions. Outsourcing companies who has specialized team for document extraction service can provide these services at a fraction of in house cost with quality. Moreover, stringent data validation and data security measures ensure that the data is processed with utmost professionalism in strict deadlines.

Why Stream Perfect for Document Extraction Services ?

With the help of state of the art document extraction software, Stream Perfect offers one of the best document extraction service in India. Our team is professionally trained in all aspects of data extraction services and indexing aspects of organizations from a range of industries. We make use of advanced document imaging tools and scanning softwares to ensure the quality of every project we deliver. All of our data extraction services and indexing are available at a very competitive pricing, with the commitment of short turnaround time.

Getting a trial from the leading data extraction outsourcing company in India- Stream Perfect, is absolutely Free. Contact us with your document extraction requirement, we are happy to assist you.

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Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion Services
  • Data Conversion Services
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Data conversion service one of the most popular outsourcing services. Many organizations have partnered with quality BPO companies for data conversion service requirements.

Why Data Conversion Services

In many organizations, data kept in various formats, often cause troubles. Properly converted, uniform data helps to avoid data duplication, data redundancy and aids a better data management system.

Data Conversion Services by Stream Perfect

Stream Perfect Global Services offers cost effective data and document conversion into any required electronic format. We ensure that your data is converted at a highly secure environment with precision and quick turnaround time.

Our data conversion services

  • Conversion of pdf files
  • Conversion of xml files
  • Conversion of html files
  • Paper to softcopy conversions
  • File format conversions
  • Image format conversions etc.
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Data Extraction Services

Data Extraction Services
  • Data Extraction Services
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Data extraction services is greatly helpful for the enormous associations which manage impressive measures of data, which must be changed into significant data and be put away for the utilization this later on.

It can offer us some assistance with taking vital business choices that can shape your business’ objectives. Whether you require client data, nuggets into our operations and make sense of our association’s execution, it is exceptionally basic to have data readily available as and when we need it. Organization may be disabled with huge amounts of data and it may demonstrate a migraine to control and change over the data into helpful.
In high competing world of business, the vital measurements, for example, data client, the operational figures of the contender and the business figures between individuals assume a major part in the assembling of the vital choices. It can help you to take key business choices that can shape our business’ objectives. Data extraction services India enables us to get data rapidly and in the right arrangement.

The different types of data extraction services India:

Database Extraction:

Rearranged data from numerous databases, for example, measurements about contender’s items, evaluating and most recent offers and client supposition and surveys can be extracted and put away according to the necessity of organization


  • Extract data from databases by using database query
  • Mine for important data across multiple databases and format database.
  • Conduct competitor information research , including pricing and offer analysis
  • Extract data from consumer websites, blogs and forums to summarize customer reviews and opinions


Web Data Extraction:

Web Data Extraction is otherwise called data extraction services India which is generally referred to the act of concentrate or reading content information from a focused on site. Organizations have now acknowledged about the tremendous advantages they can get by outsourcing their administrations. At that point outsourcing is productive alternative for business. Since all tasks are exceptionally based to suit the definite needs of the client, immense reserve funds as far as time, cash and base are among the numerous favorable circumstances that outsourcing brings.

  • Extract consumer, market and competitor data from primary and secondary web sources
  • Excerpt meta-data (data about data) information from websites
  • Gather, collate and summarize all possible information about your business by searching online news and PR websites


Few areas where data extraction service India can help you are:

  • Capturing financial data
  • Generating better sales leads
  • Conducting market research, survey and analysis
  • Conducting product research and analysis
  • Track, extract and harvest product pricing data
  • Searching for specific job postings
  • Duplicating an online database
  • Acquiring real estate data
  • Processing auction information
  • Searching online newspapers for latest pricing information
  • Extracting and summarize news stories from online news sources

Stream perfect has been a pioneer in giving data extraction services India to the different enormous names in the business. Our data extraction services are brought out through our database extraction tool which is quick, exact and exceptionally dependable. This service, is a comprehensive solution for all your substance management, publishing and extraction needs.


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Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services
  • Document Translation Services
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Document translation Service is one of the widely outsourced language services in the world. Majority of the translation projects are outsourced to offshore firms who has a team of talented native linguists, in order to get the most accurate translation. All kinds of documents are needed to be translated, though the most popular ones are academic essays, company manuals, training instructions, marketing material, reports and seminar materials.

Stream Perfect Global Services help you with excellent service in Document Translation Service requirements, by providing one of the best services available. We offer Document Translation Service in most of the top world and Indian languages. Our pool of native linguists and proof readers make sure that your translation work is done accurately without losing its meaning. Moreover, our flexible payment structure and low cost services made us popular in the translation domain.

We provide language services in

  • Japanese
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
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Old Documents Recreation

Old Documents Recreation
  • Old Documents Recreation
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Recreation of old documents is the process of converting hardcopy documents into digital format, so that they can be stored and accessed easily. Managing important old documents is troublesome, especially when they are important and need to be stored for future use. Any physical document, whether it is your personal, legal, engineering or business related, can be converted into electronic format. In fact it is a good idea to have them in digital format, so that you won’t get them lost.

Stream Perfect Global Services offers a comprehensive document recreation service, which will give you a genuine back up of your document in electronic format. From your old fragile hardcopy or scanned data, we create replica with accurate contents. Our document recreation services are available at very economic prices.

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Pre-Press Services

Pre-Press Services
  • Pre-Press Services
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Pre-press is an umbrella term used in the printing and publishing industry, which includes a wide range of procedures from the typesetting, copy editing, proof reading, making of plates etc to actual printing. With the advancement of technology, today most of the final prepress delivery is made as electronic format such as pdf, rather than the actual print. Service of specialist in respective area is required to carry out every process that comes under the prepress.

Many organizations are outsourcing all their prepress requirements now, to get access to highly skilled workers and to improve their efficiency & profitability. Outsourcing is vital when you are faced with challenges of large volume of work, shortage of creative professionals, fierce competition, short turnaround time and shriveling resources.

Over the years Stream Perfect Global Services is well known in the printing and publishing industry as a competent and reliable service provider in all aspects of pre-press services, at affordable cost. Some of the popular pre-press services we offer are and are not limited to Typesetting Services, DTP Services, Image Processing Service, artworks and recreation of old documents.

Why you should outsource Pre-press Services?

  • Saves investment in technology and resources
  • Service of creative professionals at hand
  • Large volume of work can be handled easily
  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Eliminate the need to maintain own staff

Why Stream Perfect Global Services?

  • Cost effective
  • Expertise in all aspects of pre-press service
  • Advanced softwares and techniques
  • Short Turnaround time
  • Professional service when you need it
  • Assured quality of work
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Subtitling & Captioning Services

Subtitling & Captioning Services
  • Subtitling & Captioning Services
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Subtitling and captioning plays a major role in determining the popularity of a video or movie around the world. Barriers of different accents, speed, barely known foreign language or physical disability can easily be overcome by subtitling in appropriate language. One of the widely accepted practice in the movie and entertainment in industry is Media localization. This is all about making proper subtitles and captions in various foreign languages so that a video made in a prominent language can be released in other language communities. Very often these are done by specialized language outsourcing companies who has expertise and technology to do it professionally. In addition to superior quality service, outsourcing subtitling and captioning to a reliable language partner also gives the benefit of timely delivery and huge financial savings.

Stream Perfect Global Services provides one of the most comprehensive & cost effective subtitling and captioning service for your wide range of videos. Our services include YouTube videos, corporate videos, television programmes, documentaries, movies etc. Language specialists in our team ensure that the dialogues are translated with meaning in the original video intact and are rendered on time.

Stream Perfect Global Services provide subtitling & captioning service for various industries such as media, business, universities, healthcare, entertainment etc. We accept video files in any popular video format and deliver the subtitled video in any format of your choice so that it is ready to use as DVDs, tutorials, games, digital distribution etc. Apart from subtitling English videos, we offer subtitling in all leading world languages.

Our subtitling & captioning Services

  • Television programmes
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Video games etc.
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